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FORUM additive for oils, paints and lubricants have been used by the military since 1992, and is now available to the Public. Protected by 5 different patents, FORUM is unique on the global market, unmatched in quality and impossible to copy.

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About Mietitura

We commercialize, market and distribute FORUM, the worlds most unique oil and paint additive. FORUM powder material has been recognized with the Certificate issued by The International Centre for Diffraction Data (ICDD), the leading global institution for registering of new material.

Industries we serve

Our products have a wide range of applications for various industries including: automobile, construction, heavy machinery, agricultural, public transportation, truck and rail-transportation and marine industry. FORUM's unique properties are constantly being explored and brought into new industries. More info coming soon.

Additives for Oils, Fuels and Paints

FORUM additives have the strongest anti-wear properties available and are service-life extending for all types of engines and metallic surfaces and are compatible with all kinds of oils, fuels, paints and lubricants.

Mietitura: Quality, Care and Reliability

Mietitura consists of a dedicated and experienced team of professionals from among others Hydro engineering, FMCG and the Oil&Gas industry. We take pride in the quality of our products and provide an efficient and reliable service.

We only offer the highest quality products and solutions.

Our solutions and products are cost-effective.

We care about the environment.

Industries We Serve

Transport Industry
Ship Industry
Heavy Machines
Food Industry
Power Industry
Paint Industry
Wind turbine Industry
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